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Simple, sturdy bridge between apparel brands in the USA and production facilities overseas

Want Real Possibilities for Your Wholesale Manufacturing Needs? We Are Here to Help.
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We partner with a wide range of clientele at various volumes–whether we’re facilitating a company’s low MOQ challenge or helping expand their fast-growing, high-volume business with a daily output of up to 20k pieces.

Our Vision

Nile Hudson was built to be a simple, sturdy bridge between apparel brands in the USA and production facilities overseas. We set out to create a reliable and trustworthy network of manufacturers, suppliers, and designers to become the industry’s ultimate resource. With over 30 years of experience in apparel manufacturing, our team of experts can promise you a seamless, affordable and efficient process, start-to-finish.
About Us

Our Services

Nile Hudson’s reach is global in expanse. We have established partnerships with factories all over the world that you can utilize to make your own dreams a reality.

Wholesale Manufacturing
Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions
Trend Forecasting
Production Tech Packs
Product Development
Showroom Sample Making

Book a 30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

Our Process

We meet with you 1 on 1 to learn about your vision + scope of project.
Tech Packs
We transform your ideas from concept to technical manual that becomes your blueprint.
Proto sample
The most exciting step seeing your vision come to life. We get it right from the first time.
We work closely with our clients + manufacturing partners to apply all revisions to perfection then kickstart production.

In addition to treating workers fairly, ethical fashion is based on sustainability.

This means prioritizing environmentally friendly practices throughout production and making a product that has a lower impact on the environment.

Our incubator program

Nile Hudson is eager to offer guidance to startup ventures. Our incubator program helps your concept become a sellable product through collaborative discussion, strategy and execution. We give you a starting point and a plan of attack using the invaluable knowledge we have gained as insiders in the industry. We offer complimentary 30 minute consults for new clients because we believe no idea is too big or too small and we want to help you get yours off the ground running!

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